National Biology Week Fun!

Friday 14th November 2014

Queen Anne’s School had a thrilling time in National Biology Week 2014. Biology Busking took place in the science centre. Students took part in many activities, including blind tasting, mini beast safari, ‘name that bone’, bendy bones, naked eggs and brain clock to name a few. Buddy (the Cavachon) and Linus (the Cocker Spaniel) were also in residence, showing off their training and displaying animal behaviour in action.

A number of girls took part in the biology week quiz, which involved naming some interesting biological images. Congratulations to Sophie Lange who took the prize for the highest score.

We also had a large number of submissions for the Posing Pets photography competition. With so many gorgeous pets posing for the camera, it was ceratinly a very tough decision to choose winners. Congratulations go to Eleanor MacDougall and her feline friend, and Olivia Townend and her pair of kanines for taking the top spots.
The caption competition also received some excellent entries. There were some extremely inovative and entertaining captions submitted, which all deserved a prize. However, the winning caption was submitted by Emilia Morris and read ‘Take a leaf out of my book and get out of the rain’.

Science club continues to be enjoyed by the girls every week and Biology Week was no exception. As part of biology week, the theme for the session was ‘Pathogens’. The girls made models of pathogens, such as the ebola virus and many disease causing bacteria.

To round off the week, the eco club offered members of the school commuity the opportunity to plant some herbs to take home. There certainly were some grubby hands by the end of the day but the club hope to have encouraged others to develop green fingers and grow produce at home.