National Apprenticeships Week at Queen Anne’s

Monday 1st April 2019

To kick-start National Apprenticeships Week, from Monday 4 March, Queen Anne’s alumnae Roisin, Olivia and Susie (via video link) joined our current Queen Anne’s girls in assembly.

They spoke to our current students about the apprenticeships they chose to do when they left QAS, and why they chose this option over the traditional university route.


Firstly, Susie spoke via video link about her degree apprenticeship with top British engineering company, Dyson.

Susie, who studied physics, maths and further maths at A Level, spends part of her week working for Dyson, at the Dyson Institute of Engineering and Technology, and the other part of her week studying, for a Bachelor of Engineering degree that she will receive from the University of Warwick.

She lives on-site at the Dyson Institute with her fellow apprentices, in her own glamourous ‘pod’, with a desk designed by James Dyson himself.

“The best thing about degree apprenticeships is that you are both learning and working at the same time. By working, you gain a better experience about what you’re learning.” – Susie




Olivia, who finished her A Levels at Queen Anne’s in 2017, is completing a business degree level apprenticeship as an analyst at EY Business. She works, and studies, in a young, busy company, in an environment that is both professional, but still has a great social side.

She also gets to experience business trips to places like Paris and New York! By the end of her business degree level apprenticeship, she will graduate with a professional accountancy qualification from the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW), which is equivalent to a master’s degree.

“After my A Levels, I received an offer from my chosen university. I accepted, but decided to defer my place to see if my degree level apprenticeship with EY was right for me. I’m now 18 months in and definitely made the right decision.” – Olivia


Roisin has just completed her level 4 sales apprenticeship as an account manager, for the Kensington and Chelsea division of Coca Cola European Partners. Her role is to boost sales and drive profits amongst businesses in the area. She has her own company car, and spends about 80% of her time working and 20% learning.

“I could have easily gone to university, but it would have only been to for the social aspects of it. However, throughout my apprenticeship, I have still had a great social life and my own independence.” – Roisin.

Coca Cola Europeans Partners are now in the process of starting to offer degree apprenticeships, where apprentices will receive a business degree on completion. Having successfully completed her level 4 apprenticeship with Coca Cola European Partnerships and been offered a full time role, her hard work and dedication have earned her the opportunity to gain a business degree also.



National Apprenticeships Week gave our students a greater insight into higher education choices, and the benefits of choosing to pursue an apprenticeship. As apprentices, you earn a salary and all your training costs are paid, so on completion, you graduate with a professional qualification or degree, no debts and significant work experience. With these options becoming increasingly popular, and more widely available from top companies, it is certainly a viable option for our girls to consider when thinking about their future.



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