Name Tag Tuesday

Wednesday 29th October 2014

To help welcome new pupils to Queen Anne’s at the start of the Michaelmas term, Head Girls Laren Tayyip and Connor Baldridge created their own event called ‘Name Tag Tuesday’.

Explaining the concept behind ‘Name Tag Tuesday’, Laren said,

The idea behind ‘Name Tag Tuesday’ was so that the whole school, mostly the Prefects and Heads of Domain, could get to know the girls lower down in the school, particular new pupils to the school. By using name tags, it helped break the ice and was a great conversation starter.  Myself, Connor, Valera and Verity also wanted to seem more approachable as Head and Deputy Head Girls.

I do feel that ‘Name Tag Tuesday’ has been a real success, not just amongst the girls, but also with the staff as we do have a number of new staff members this year and apparently they found the name tags very helpful. It has also been really heartening to see younger girls smile at me during the school day and girls now have the confidence to say hello in the morning, especially our L4 pupils.”