MFL Trip to Germany

Wednesday 19th December 2018

From Friday 7 December to Tuesday 11 December, our language students travelled to Germany, for an immersive trip into German life, culture, and Christmas traditions.

Our students kindly gave a day by day account of their exciting trip:


Day 1

Today we set off from Queen Anne’s at 4 am and travelled to the Eurotunnel. On route we stopped a few times to get breakfast and lunch. We slept a lot on the bus and then finally arrived at the hotel, where we had a nice dinner and unpacked, chatted some more and then went to bed.


Day 2

We went on a cable car in Koblenz over the river Rhine to the Ehrenbreitstein fortress, where we had a walk and went to a beautiful café with an amazing view. In the afternoon, we went to the Christmas markets in Rüdesheim, which were very picturesque.


Day 3

Today we went to two Christmas markets in Cochem and Bernkastel, brought lots of presents and ordered lovely food in cafes. We also listened to a choir sing Christmas carols.


Day 4

We went to the Goethe-Gymnasium in Düsseldorf today, where we had a tour and watched an English lesson. It was very interesting to hear the German students talk in English and we also helped them with their lesson. In the afternoon, we went to Cologne, where we visited the famous cathedral and the chocolate factory.


Day 5

Today was our last day and we went to the Christmas markets in Aachen, in the old town, which were very pretty and impressive. We then started our drive back home. Overall, everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves and the trip really helped our German speaking skills.


“It was incredible, I had an amazing time!” – Francesca


“The trip was a great way to learn how to communicate in German to actual people! It was so much fun and I am so grateful that I was able to go.” – Olivia


“I had a great time and learnt so much about Germany.” – Hettie


“I had such an amazing time thank you so much for organizing this trip I will go again!” – Charlotte


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