The Magnificent Seven Swim Again

Tuesday 22nd November 2016

Another fantastic swimming gala took place on the 21 November at Heathfield School and our Queen Anne’s swimmers performed excellently again.

U13 Swimming Team

The U13 swimming team recorded a very rare achievement when they achieved 1st place in all seven race disciplines during their gala against The Marist and Heathfield schools. Olive Richards won two individual events whilst Louisa Haycock, Charlotte Goforth and Claudia Mowat all enjoyed similar results in their individual races. Not satisfied with that – two of the relay teams then won their events. It really was a super team effort during a very fast and furious gala with lots of good swimmers on display from all three schools. The U13s went on to win their age section in style. The whole team deserve high praise. Well done to our individual winners who have already been mentioned and also to Aimee Langwade, Scarlett Rijkse, Amelie Colls and Liza Shilina.

Together Everyone Achieves More!

U13 Result
1st – 
Queen Anne’s School
2nd – The Marist
3rd – Heathfield

U14 Swimming Team

The U14s enjoyed a competitive gala against both The Marist and Heathfield. With plenty of excellent swimming strokes on display, it proved to be a very good contest. Amy McCall impressed in the IM and took a much deserved victory in the 25m frontcrawl. Amy was supported with some fine swims from the remainder of the U14 squad that enjoyed five second places and a cracking relay win in the 4×25 freestyle. A big well done goes to Niamh Mckenna, Olivia Mowat, Jasmine Veitch, Jasmine Booth, Camille Blunt, Tallulah Jackson Coombs and Georgina Woodall. Georgina was swimming up a year group and looks to be full of promise.

U14 Result
1st – The Marist
2nd – Queen Anne’s School
3rd – Heathfield

The Marist won the overall competition by an amazingly narrow margin of just 2 points with the final scores being:

The Marist  114
Queen Anne’s School – 112
Heathfield – 68

A huge thank you goes to Heathfield School for hosting a really exciting gala that all the girls enjoyed.