Lacrosse Success For Queen Anne's Students

Monday 17th February 2014

Congratulations to Harriet Foster, U6, Jessica De Mulder, L6, Fiona Gray, L6 and Alexandra Crowther, L6, who have all been selected to join the Southwest Lacrosse Regional Team. A special mention must also be made about Alexandra, who will be joining the Southwest A Team in the highly sought-after position of Centre.

The Southwest Regional Team is made up of players selected from the 1st Teams of fifteen schools in the region. Schools within the South West region include Wellington, Marlborough and Downe House. The coaching aims for the Southwest Regional Team are to provide players with new insights regarding the game and to promote individual improvement in regards to skills and strategies as well as to prepare players for the other expectations of training and trial situations at higher levels of the game in the future.

The Southwest Regional Team set up runs parallel to the England Lacrosse Team and allows players from both performance streams to develop themselves by playing with better competitors in faster paced games.