The L6 Visit the University of Surrey for the UCAS Exhibition

Thursday 16th March 2017

On Tuesday 14 March, the L6 made the short trip to the University of Surrey in Guildford to attend the UCAS Exhibition.

Bronwen (L6) attended the exhibition and explains below why it was so useful and why it is just one example of how Queen Anne’s help to prepare the girls for their university applications.

I found the trip to the UCAS Exhibition, held at the University of Surrey, extremely useful and informative. With well over 100 different universities there, it seemed to cater for everyone. There were also opportunities to attend lectures about student living, finance and application systems. I went to the student life talk and was able to find out about  how important it is to choose a university with both social aspects and courses that are best suited for us, as well as some handy budgeting tips. I was also interested to discover the different ways in which students learn at university (and how this differs from school), as well as the options to study abroad for a year or get a work placement opportunity. This talk definitely made us more aware of how much universities offer, and how different the causes can be.

We had been given information by Mr Chapman before we went, so were able to plan which university stands we wanted to visit and we were advised to look at their websites in advance. Through talking with the universities I was able to establish what I should be doing now to help me get a place on certain courses. We were also able to pick up prospectuses to look through once we got home. Some of the staff also collected more to be stored in our prospectus collection in Holmes. Another feature of the event was that each of us were given a bar code; universities that we were interested in were then able to scan these quickly in order to send us more information (via our school emails).

The event was a great chance for all of us to ask questions independently about courses and universities that interest us and to discover more about university life and how to prepare. I would definitely recommend the event to anyone wanting to find out more about university options.