L6 Ball

Tuesday 12th February 2013

A teacher’s perspective

Early in September the L6 girls all took on the challenge to learn ballroom dancing.  Somewhat nervous they all arrived at the first practice not quite sure what awaited them.  If they were nervous, their male counterparts were even more so and the smell of perfume and cologne would long linger in the sports hall for days to come.  They all performed extremely well and all concerned commented on what a special group this years’ girls and boys may prove to be.

Every Friday for the following six months, the girls and boys turned up to practice full of enthusiasm and energy to learn lots of new dances – the Waltz, Foxtrot, Cha-cha and the Jive.  We were all amazed at how agile and proficient they all were.  With a few lessons lost to the snow the final Friday rehearsal seemed to creep up on us all too quickly and Saturday 2nd February was upon us.

Fake tan, polished nails, beautiful hairdos and stunning dresses all emerged from house at 7pm.  The boys were certainly not far behind and look very dapper in their suits and shiny shoes.   The evening started with drinks in the Forum and then downstairs to a glittering hall for the festivities.  The food was outstanding and the catering department were given a rousing round of applause after we had all eaten.  On to the dancing and we were all very entertained by nimble feet and excellent dances.  Well done to the winners in the four disciplines – Ruby seemed to enjoy the limelight and had an excellent eye for choosing the most proficient boys to help her win a number of places!  Well done to all the participants and a special thanks to all who contributed towards making the evening an unforgettable one!

Mrs Storey

The Girls’ Perspective

The moment had arrived. After weeks of arduous internet shopping, table planning and make-up trials, we were finally ready to make our entrances. We enjoyed champagne and posing for countless photographs, before going down to a rather fancy-looking sports hall for dinner.

Ballroom dancing lessons in the build-up to the ball resulted in a friendly atmosphere as everyone had already had the chance to get to know each other better, and conversation flowed along with the “wine”.

Once we had (very gracefully) consumed what was edible, it was finally time to show off our newly acquired skills on the dance floor. Competition was intense, game faces were on, and everyone was on top form. Ruby proved to be the most nimble, winning one dance and coming runner up in two, but there were a few other dark horses: Millie Lenton, Evangeline Chan, and Anna Price, who also danced their way to victory.

Overall we all had a fantastic time and we all agree that it was the highlight of our year. We would like to thank Mrs Storey, the staff involved in organising it, and Oratory and Shiplake for being part of the evening.


Jess Gibbon and Nilofar Samadi