L5 Biology Trip to Marwell Zoo

Tuesday 4th June 2019

On Thursday 9 May, our L5 biologists took a trip to Marwell Zoo.


Mealie and Becca kindly gave an account of their trip on behalf of the L5 girls.


“We had a fantastic day out at Marwell Zoo on Thursday 9 of May! The trip itself was very educational and we found that learning a topic outside of the classroom and in an interactive way was very beneficial to our understanding of the topic. We believe that all of us enjoyed the trip – especially the giraffe feeding exhibition which was fascinating to experience. The booklets which were provided were also very informative and they aided our understanding of the topic as we toured the park.

The staff at Marwell Zoo were really helpful preparing our area for lunch (drying down all of the benches for us to sit on as there was a little rain that day). The giraffe and meerkat feeding sessions were very didactic as we were able to ask many questions about the different species. Overall, all of the exhibitions at the zoo were fascinating and we would definitely visit the park on another occasion.




Finally, we would like to say a massive thank you to all of the staff on behalf of all the students for taking us and supporting this trip!”