L5 Biology Trip to London Zoo

Tuesday 28th June 2016

On Monday 25 April, the L5 year group travelled to London Zoo for the day, as part of their GCSE Biology studies. L5 pupil Alex Griffin, gives an account of the trip below:

“As part of our GCSE course we visited London Zoo to learn about adaptations in animals. We were lucky enough to receive a talk from the zoo staff which involved some biological specimens, obtained largely from UK customs, and some live animals. The Madagascan hissing cockroaches had a particularly interesting ability to hiss in order to ward off predators.

During our visit we were given the task of identifying animals with specific anatomical and behavioural adaptations and explaining how they were of benefit to the animal. Interesting examples included the milk snake which uses mimicry in order to avoid being eaten by predators, and the African bull frog which has powerful hind legs for digging itself into the soil to keep cool.

We covered a lot of ground, both literally and in terms of the GCSE course, and while the weather was not brilliant, we had a great day out.”

Written by Alex Griffin, L5