L5 and L6 Employability Workshops with Inside Knowledge

Tuesday 21st May 2019

On Tuesday 2 April, our L5 and L6 students were given the opportunity to develop a number of skills which are highly sought after by employers, as they took part in a variety of workshops led by experienced trainers from Inside Knowledge.


First up were the L5 students, who began the morning with an introduction to the basics of interpersonal communication and its importance in their lives. Through a series of short role plays they were able to practice some simple tools and techniques for communicating with those around them.


“I learnt something that I never knew before about communication.” – Zoe (L5)


“… the communication skills broken down was really helpful for my future ambitions.” – Sophie (L5)


They then moved on to the art of negotiation where they learnt about negotiation, flexibility, situation analysis, and influencing and persuading. The culmination of the morning was the £25 Millionaire Challenge, where they  were given the opportunity to experience starting a business, creating a business plan, calculating start-up costs, estimating gross profits and yearly profits as well as experiencing how people behave and communicate under pressure as they made a pitch for their business and tried to negotiate a deal with their peers.


“The morning was thoroughly enjoyable as well as informative. We learnt about many skills that will give us the best head start when we leave the education system and head towards the world of work. From the importance of handshakes and first impressions, to body language and setting up your own business, we covered topics that we as students hadn’t even considered yet. The highlight for me was learning negotiation skills through a role play, which proved challenging and fun. Overall, it was a truly eye opening workshop.” – Aimee (L5)





In the afternoon the L6 chose one from three workshops on The Power of Personal Communication; Interpersonal Communication; or Leadership. All of the workshops were hands on and challenging.


“I felt like I was pushed out of my comfort zone and learnt new things” said Emily (L6), while Tia (L6) said of The Power of Personal Communication: “I loved this workshop. It really helped with my confidence in interviews and general conversation with people”.


Marjolein (L6) chose the Leadership workshop and felt it was: “very helpful in learning how to make effective decisions and think clearly under pressure. Pretending to be in COBRA was especially fun!”







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