L4s Research their Future Careers

Tuesday 5th March 2019

Our L4 students have been thinking about the sort of careers they may wish to pursue in the future.

They were set the task to research a profession they are interested in, find out all the information they could about their chosen career, and then present their findings in a poster, booklet, display, or other interesting way.

To fuel their enthusiasm, this task was made into the competition, with prizes for the winners!


Our L4 girls worked extremely hard researching and preparing their visual presentations and displays. Have a look at some of our winners’ projects and future career plans below:




“My mum is an electronical engineer, which inspired me to research into the field. However, I have decided I want to be a bio-medical engineer.”

“I want to be a Cloud Solution Architect, because I enjoy working with computers and would like to pursue a career in IT.”

“My dad and grandad have always worked in the army, so it is something that my family are passionate about. However, I would also like to be a doctor, so I would really like to be a doctor in the army.”

“I decided I would like to be a farm manager. There are lots of farmers where I live, and I enjoy being part of their community. I also love the outdoors!”

“The last eight generations of my family have worked as lawyers, and I would like to be a lawyer too! I think it’s a nice way to help lots of people.”

“I started researching medical careers in more detail, and realised that I would like to be an ears, nose and throat doctor. I’d really like to help people with their hearing.”

“My dad works in marketing and design. He has taught me bits about his job over the years, and I have found that it is something that I enjoy too, so I would like to work in marketing.”

“I originally thought I wanted to be a physiotherapist, however, after doing some in depth research, I realised that the career of an optician would suit me much better!”


Researching further into their desired career paths really opened our L4 students’ eyes into the world of work, and how important transferrable skills, perseverance and hard work are:


“This project helped me realise the qualifications and experience I need to enter my chosen field of work, but also what other jobs I could do with these if I change my mind about my career path.” – Nellie D


“Doing all this research makes you realise how hard you have to work and how persistent you have to be in your career journey. But if you do work hard you can achieve your dream job!” – Iris C


Congratulations to all our winners!