L4’s PGL Trip

Monday 19th November 2018

From Wednesday 17 to Friday 19 October, all the L4s went on a PGL residential trip to Windmill Hill in Sussex.

The trip was a great bonding experience and a chance for all our new girls to get to know each other and become close friends.


Some of our L4 girls kindly shared their thoughts and experiences of their exciting trip:

“On PGL, we had an amazing time. We went on a zip wire, we did archery, we dropped from a giant swing, trusted out instincts on the sensory trail, climbed a tower and abseiled down.

The two best activities were the water sports: canoeing and raft building. Even though we got really wet it was fun making memories with our new friends!

In our rooms, we made so many funny memories. Even though we weren’t close friends before with the people in our room at first, we are great friends now!

Lastly, the bonfire night was the most memorable. We sang songs, laughed, danced and listened to stories.

Overall, PGL was the best experience at Queen Anne’s so far!”

“On the date of the 17 October, L4 had an opportunity to go to East Sussex for PGL.
It gave us a chance to bond and create new friendships. We were only allowed our phones for one hour but it was worth it!

Firstly, we settled in by going to our cabins and were given a tour by our instructor.

Next was the exciting part: activities! Every group had different activities, and the group I was in had canoeing and a sensory trail.

Firstly, we did canoeing. Luckily, many of us were skilled with paddling! We played games, had a laugh and got splashed. It was definitely memorable.
Secondly, we had the sensory trail. We walked around PGL blindfolded, and our instructor even played a trick on us!

After that experience we ate dinner and then went out to the campfire. The instructors acted out stories and sang jolly songs. What a day!

On Thursday, we woke up early for more activities, including raft building, which was really enjoyable but a little intimidating!
Our evening activity was a disco! It was 100% a memorable night, with lots of dancing.

Friday was our last day. The activities on our last day were a giant swing (everyone’s favourite) and abseiling. The giant swing was the funniest, due to everyone’s faces of fear and excitement! It was so humorous.

After our activities, we jumped back on the coach with our suitcases to head back to school.

To sum up, PGL was a fantastic bonding trip that helped us make more friends. Thank you to all the staff who made our trip possible.”

“On Wednesday 17 October, L4 went on a trip to PGL in Sussex, where we did loads of exciting activities, including raft building, canoeing, abseiling, climbing, archery, zip wire, and a disco!

We stayed in rooms of 5-6 in little cabins. When we arrived, we got to know our roommates, our groups, unpack, and then eat lunch.

Then it was time for activities. Group 4 (that Bibi was in) did archery for their first activity, and she got a bullseye. Bibi’s favourite activity was raft building. We played a game called last man standing, and was Bibi, Poppy, Zhara and Esme on there. Bibi pushed Poppy off and she did a back flip into the water. Then Bibi pushed Esme and Zahra, and Bibi won!

Then, for group 1, the last activity was the giant swing! The giant swing is a huge swing where there are two massive poles with rope tied to you strapped in a harness. Your friends pull you and someone else with the rope until you get as far as you wanted to go. Then there is the purple rope of death! When you pull it…you drop. You swing very high and then backwards. This was Bella’s favourite activity as it gave her the most thrill.

Then, for group 1’s favourite activity, was the sensory trail. In the sensory trail, the group were blindfolded and we were guided by the instructor to a rope.

When we were at the rope, the instructor told us a story about the forest, so as we went along the rope, he told the group what happened in that specific area. The group sensed many different objects and it was really fun. This was Elisabeth’s favourite activity.”

Have a look at some of the photos from our L4’s thrilling PGL trip!