L4s’ PGL Adventure!

Thursday 21st November 2019

From Monday 21 October through until Wednesday 23 October, our L4s went on a PGL adventure trip. Full of exciting activities, this trip allowed our new students to get to know eachother better and form lasting friendships throughout their year group.


You can read some of our L4 girls’ thoughts of their trip below:

On Monday 21 October we set off to PGL. I was a bit nervous before, but once we were on our way I was excited! When we got there, we were assigned to our dorms. I was really pleased with my room because I was with some good friends and some people I didn’t know so well, but soon I got to know them and it was really fun.

There were loads of activities. Our first ones were zip lining and a sensory trail. For the sensory trail we were blindfolded so that we couldn’t see. We had to make our way around a muddy course full of obstacles. There were some hard ones that we had to crawl underneath or through small gaps!

My favourite activity was the Jacob’s ladder and the giant swing. On the Jacob’s ladder I was with Holly and Elizabeth, and we had to climb up wooden logs with only each other and a short rope to help us. Holly and Elizabeth got to the top and I was one rung down from them, so they used my knees to help them climb higher. The activities were so much fun!

PGL was super exciting! There were lots of magnificent activities. My favourite was the giant swing because you would work as a team to pull two people to the very top. Then one person pulled a little rope and SWOOSH, you were off, flying like a bird through the air!

Mr Walden, the teacher leading our group, set us a challenge that, if three people didn’t scream on the first go, we would be able to teach him some dances!

My second favourite activity was the zip wire. As you climbed the stairs, your heart would be thumping, but as you looked down all your friends would be cheering you on! When you got to the top, your feet would be glued to the floor and knees buckling in fear. But then you would let go and it was extremely exciting! You would hold on for dear life but would be laughing in excitement as you reached the end!

PGL was a really fun trip and I would like to say thank you to Mr Walden, Miss Wimble, Mrs Keyte, Mrs Fogarty and everyone who made this trip possible. Everyone was a gold winner!

We had a great time at PGL partaking in lots of activities. The disco was excellent and we had a great time dancing to our favourite songs. Archery was really enjoyable, although I didn’t manage to hit the target.

In the giant swing (which is not for the faint hearted!) many people screamed, me being one of them! Jacob’s ladder was quite hard, but we worked as a team to complete it.

Overall PGL was really fun and I really enjoyed it!

PGL was a brilliant experience and I would recommend it to everyone who loves an adventure! There were so many thrilling activities for everyone to indulge in. The only downside was I was in a dormitory with two snorers – make sure you pick your dorm-mates wisely!

It was a great opportunity to make new friends, and I really enjoyed the food too. But my favourite thing by far was the activities. I loved PGL!

At PGL we had lots of fun! It was a great trip where I made lots of friends.

I loved the zip wire: I was the first one to go down in my group and had a great time. I also had a great time at the disco because I loved the music.

The sensory trail was also one of my favourite parts, although I got very muddy knees! This was an amazing trip since all the activities were so much fun.

From zip wires to archery, the PGL trip was amazing. The activities were brilliant and our rooms were comfortable and spacious.

The disco was really great and we all had a good time and danced a lot. We also got to choose our own music.

The shop was magnificent with sweet treats and souvenirs. Our team leaders were great and at the end we all got certificates!