L4 Communicate Secret Messages – Inca Style!

Wednesday 26th June 2019

The L4s have continued to develop their knowledge and understanding of the Inca Empire by creating their very own Quipu, a method of knots used to keep records and communicate information.


The students learnt about how the Inca communicated messages across their vast empire by creating intricate knotted designs on string, which were then carried on foot throughout the empire by special couriers called ‘Chaskis’.


The girls were divided into groups based on the regions of the Inca Empire. Miss Swindells gave each group a secret message, regarding the birth on some unusual llama and guinea pigs… The groups then had to devise a way of communicating this clearly to the Sapa Inca using only coloured string (Inca style!)





Once completed, these messages were then relayed throughout the Empire (Queen Anne’s front lawn) by the students – Sapa Inca was most impressed with their speed and creative messages!