The L4 Celebrate 100 Days since joining Queen Anne’s

Wednesday 24th January 2018

On Wednesday 24 January the Lower 4s joined together to celebrate their first 100 days since becoming a QA Girl. We saw awards for their efforts both in the classroom and around the school. It was lovely to see many of the L4 pick up ‘Kindness Awards’, where girls could nominate each other anonymously for their good deeds, overall highlighting the close friendships which have been formed since the beginning of the academic year. There were also awards for ‘Geographer of the Year 2017’ from the Royal Geographical Society which is a fantastic achievement.

Here is what some of our Lower 4s had to say about their experiences since joining Queen Anne’s:

 “At first the whole idea of going to secondary school was a bit frightening – knowing there would be longer days, more people and that I was at the bottom of the school once again. There was a lot to be scared from but now I know, or at least think, there is nothing to hide from or to be scared from.

After 2 weeks I had settled in. I had a comfort area where people were really nice, loving, caring and helped me through everything when needed. All the older girls and people in L4 are more than I think I need in a family.”

Angel (L4)


“My first day – ohh wow it was amazing! The school was so big and I had my amazing new school uniform. As for friends, I had made loads in the first 5 minutes. These friends are so lovely and trustworthy. Their names are Lara and Kathrine.  PGL, was so fun we did a number of epic activities as well as the giant swing which was a massive friendship test for me and Lara!”

Leila (L4)


“My first 100 days at QAS we’re a blur of laughter, joy and excitement. Running around the grounds with my classmates,  laughing hysterically and that feeling of relief when you hand your prep in and glance round, smiling cheekily and giggling at your friends who knew you did that prep last minute. Having that privilege of being able to go freely around he school and not having to have teachers to escort you everywhere. I’m always amazed at how organized and calm everything and everyone is. How the simplest of methods work amazingly and with ease as I walk calmly from each class as I play lacrosse, netball and the other wide range of sports, I think to myself how lucky I am to be here with my friends. The thing that amazes me are the buildings and the departments: the art block with its display of an array of different art, the sports Centre with its gym, dancing studio the clubs, the drama Centre the houses and the simple kindness wherever you go my first 100 days at QAS have been a humongous success! ”

Katya (L4)



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