L4 at the Kids’ Lit Quiz

Friday 13th December 2019

On Tuesday 26 November, two teams of L4 students competed in the Kids’ Lit Quiz regional heat at Cokethorpe School.

The Kids’ Lit Quiz is an annual literature quiz for students aged 10 – 13 years, and heats are held throughout the whole world.


Phoebe R kindly gave an account of their day, which you can read below:


“On Tuesday 26 November, nine of the L4’s went to Cokethorpe school, near Oxford, to take part in a the Kids’ Lit Quiz, challenge about books.

We had two teams, made up of four each, and Ava came for support! On one team was Lauren S, Eleanor B, Molly K and Phoebe R, and on the other was Samira E, Margaret O, Ella M and Emily K. 

There were 11 rounds, each consisting of 10 questions. Some of the rounds were called Legends, Furniture, Dreams and Houses and we had to answer questions based on that subject. It was very fun, and we all enjoyed it. Team A placed 16th and team B placed 17th. Thank you to Mrs Norris and Mrs Tuckwell for taking us!” – Phoebe Read-Clarke (L4)







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