L4 and 4’s Celebrate Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival by Baking Tasty Mooncakes

Wednesday 26th September 2018

On Monday 24 September, students from L4 and 4 celebrated the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival by making traditional Mooncakes.

The Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival falls on the 15th day of the 8th month of the Chinese lunar calendar. It is the second biggest grand festival in China, after the Chinese New Year. The festival is also celebrated in Vietnam, as well as other countries in Asia.

Making and eating mooncakes with family is a tradition of the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival, and the perfect way for our girls to celebrate with their Queen Anne’s Family!

Mrs Wang, teacher of Mandarin, led the girls in making their mooncakes, with the assistance of home economics teacher Mrs Owen. The girls used special mooncake moulds to shape their dough, and a sweet red bean paste and egg yolk filling.

The girls had a lot of fun baking mooncakes and experiencing this exciting Mid-Autumn festival tradition, as well as eating their tasty bakes!