Keeping In Touch

Tuesday 28th June 2016

Here at Queen Anne’s, it’s wonderful to hear the latest news from our former pupils, old and young.

Katie Belcher (far left in the photograph on the left), who left Queen Anne’s in 2013, has shared a photograph of herself alongside former Queen Anne’s pupils Annabelle Akintoye (centre of the photograph) and Caitlin Baty (right of the photograph) at the Lacrosse Home Internationals held in April this year.

Katie, who has just completed her 3rd year out of 4 years at the University of St Andrews in Scotland, has also recently won an award at the University’s Sports Awards and has also been appointed the Lacrosse Club President.

As well as Katie’s success, Queen Anne’s Alumni member, Olivia Carnegie-Brown, who left Queen Anne’s in 2009, features in Thursday’s edition of the Reading Chronicle (Thursday 16 June 2016). In the article, attached below, Olivia speaks about her rise to fame and her joy in achieving a place as part of the Great Britain Rowing Team competing at the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro this summer.


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If any of our Queen Anne’s Alumni members would like to share any recent stories, please contact Mrs Hannah Pilgrim, Alumnae Relations