Magical Performances of “The Jungle Book”

Tuesday 5th July 2016

A large group of Junior School Queen Anne’s girls performed in Rudyard Kipling’s ‘The Jungle book’, adapted for the stage by Stuart Paterson and arrangement with Nick Hern Books, from Monday 27 to Thursday 30 June 2016 in the Performing Arts Centre (PAC).

The hard working cast re-created Kipling’s magic on stage, whilst exploring the malevolence of the animals such as Shere Khan the tiger, brought to life through a powerful performance by Evie Harris, who hunts down Abigail Hutt’s resilient Mowgli. The rest of the cast enjoyed performing such roles as Tabaqui the jackal, played by a vicious Tallulah Jackson-Coombs , the scrap wolves and the monkeys as well as the slyness of Kaa the snake, performed by three girls; Abigail Leaver, Olivia Gryce and Grace Smith.

The production also included the wisdom of the Bagheera the panther, played by Hannah Khalique, the playfulness of Baloo, the bear, played by Anna Holland, the maliciousness of the villagers, the kindness of the wolves, Chile the Kite and the one kind villager amidst the cruel ones, Messua, Mowgli’s surrogate mother, played earnestly by Hauwa Muhammad.

So, whilst this production did not shy away from the dark side of Kipling’s magical tales, the audience had as enjoyable an experience watching this play as the cast did in creating it.

Written by Mr Oliver Godfrey, Drama Teacher and Director of the Junior Drama Production of “The Jungle Book.”

Click here to view a selection of photographs from the performances