Inter-House Geography World Wise Quiz

Monday 29th October 2018

The Inter-House Geography World Wise Quiz took place on Tuesday 16 October.

Head of Geography, Miss Clarke, provided this wonderful account of the event:


“Tuesday heralded the eagerly anticipated inaugural Queen Anne’s School Inter-House Geography Worldwise Quiz.

The Forum was packed with eager geographers, clutching House flags and their smartphones, for the highly anticipated ‘audience participation round.’ Kahoot, an amazing interactive quiz app meant everyone had a chance to have a go, and win merits for their Houses.  Notable performances were from Lizzie R (U5), Sophie D (U5), India P (U5) Hannah P (U4) and the mysterious HL from Wilkins.  The overall winner and title of geographer-extraordinaire must go to Mr Lange, for scoring 8/10.






An elite unit of top-notch geographers had been assembled from each of the five Houses. The opening picture round meant they got their heads down and their brains in gear, identifying features and their location.  Can you name the volcano below, and state in which country it is located?  At the end of the first round, Maddock were in the lead with the rest close on their heels.



The country outlines round followed swiftly, with ten countries to identify our top-notch teams were kept busy.  I must admit here, that even I mistook the outline of Finland for South Korea, an easy mistake I know! The exclusive team of L6 geographers, drafted in to tally up the scores, were kept on their toes marking answer sheets.



The ‘geography in the news’ round was a buzzer round, with different questions for different year groups.  The answers were Windsor, Callum and tsunami, can you guess the questions?


Finally, a high-stakes, high-risk round called for nerves of steel from our crack teams of geographers. Get it right and glory and victory could be yours, get it wrong and the frozen wastes of Siberia beckoned. On the third clue, worth 6 points, Ffyler threw their hats into the ring pressing the buzzer with such force, off flew the top!  Tentatively, they offered ‘Nile?’  The room erupted in cheers; Ffyler had pipped the others at the post, and victory was theirs.



The specially engraved trophy topped with a glittering globe could now be raised above their heads, and they could be proud to call themselves the most Worldwise team, in a whole room of brilliant geographers.




Well done everyone, and thank you for taking part.  See you again next year!”


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