German Study Trip to Cologne

Monday 8th January 2018

The Queen Anne’s School trip to Germany was an extremely memorable occasion. We travelled to many different cities and were fortunate enough to experience the spectacular culture and many traditions of Germany. On the first day we arrived at school, ready for the long journey ahead. It was a long drive; however, the countryside scenery was spectacular. After we arrived we settled into our hotel rooms and prepared for the amazing days ahead, some girls travelled into town if they had the energy but most decided to stay in their hotel rooms and talk to their roommates. Not long after we had a lovely dinner followed by preparing to go to bed.

Our first full day was packed with many spectacular things; including the cathedral, our first Christmas markets and a chocolate museum in Cologne. It was a short trip before we got off the bus and made our way to the Cathedral, once inside our senses were buzzing with excitement as we viewed giant stained-glass windows and many statues. It was nothing like I had ever seen before, it was stunning. We had some free time to roam around and discover many beautiful memorials. Outside of the cathedral were the Christmas markets, being our first markets of the trip everybody couldn’t wait to go in and explore. It was a very windy and busy day but everyone had an amazing time, ate lots of food, and bought gifts. Once time was up we started walking to the chocolate factory, this was a highlight of my trip and probably many other girls because the chocolate was delicious and the history and the way they make chocolate was very interesting. Our next stop was the town of Bonn, where Beethoven used to live. We also visited the Christmas markets there and viewed the spectacular town hall. After our long day, we all went to a delicious ice cream parlour in Andernach, everyone had a lovely time and we all chatted and ate our ice cream.

The next day we went to Marksburg castle that sat on top of a huge hill. The castle was stunning and it has spectacular views of the town below and the river Rhine that flows through it.  We had a guided tour of the whole castle and we were amazed by the size of the castle, it had several big rooms dedicated to different things, like a big wine cellar and a dining room that could fit all of the guests for a meal. During the castle tour, it started to snow very heavily, making it even more beautiful. After the tour, we walked back to the bus, but as it had been snowing so heavily the road to Rudesheim, our next stop, was closed. With no way around we turned around and departed for Koblenz, where we went to more Christmas markets. The Christmas markets were a lot less crowded so everyone could go to every shop and enjoy themselves, apart from it being very cold the whole time. It was nearing the end of the day, we then travelled back to Boppard and ate then went to bed.


We woke up bright and early the next morning to pack and depart the hotel. Saying our thanks, we drove to Aachen. Personally, Aachen was my favourite market to go to because it was very big but it wasn’t as crowded as some of the other ones. The shops were gorgeous and the food was amazing. There was a big cathedral that the markets were placed around and the cathedral was beautiful and had so many gorgeous details. As the day was nearing to an end, we had to go back onto the bus to get back home. The severe weather however, caused major delays at the Euro tunnel. We finally got home and were all happy to go to sleep in our own beds! I really enjoyed this German trip and if the opportunity ever came up again I would go without hesitation. Thank you to all of the teachers who helped prepare for the trip.