German A Level Students Visit the British Film Institute

Monday 11th December 2017

In November, the German A Level students from Queen Anne’s went on a trip to the British Film Institute to attend a conference on German Film.


The girls found the day very useful as the entire talk was in German, which meant that they were able to practice their listening skills as well as learn new vocabulary. In their classes, the girls have been studying the film ‘Goodbye Lenin!’, so this conference helped place the film into its original context.

Throughout the day, the girls engaged in conversations about the techniques the director used in the film to evoke certain emotions including the effect of the music used and the chosen camera angles.

Following this, the girls were shown extracts of several different German films to discuss in small groups. These films included ‘die Welle’ and ‘Das Leben der anderen’, which gave us further insight into German history and the importance of film in drawing attention to major historical events. Needless to say the girls and the staff from Queen Anne’s were all ‘Fantastisch’!