GCSE Dance Conference 2016

Monday 5th December 2016

On Thursday 24 November, Queen Anne’s pupils studying GCSE Dance spent a very informative day at the GCSE Dance Conference 2016 in London.

Below is a report of the day from Hannah (L5):

“The GCSE dance conference was overall a very informative day. The conference was held in a different venue to previous years, but the change of venue, which was a little smaller, enhanced the atmosphere and allowed the audience to feel a little more involved in the lectures and performances.

It was really interesting to watch the different schools performing their own pieces of choreography. I particularly enjoyed watching the thought process a real choreographer goes through as she choreographs right in front of us! Some of the professional dancers from her company performed the choreography she created; they made it look so easy and they moved with such fluidity! They really inspired me today and I’ve come away with some useful ideas!”