Game of Thrones, Groucho Club and Gershwin – An evening with Harry the Piano

Tuesday 14th May 2019


A fun-filled musical evening was had by all as Harry the Piano shared his improvisational piano talents as part of the ‘Live@ Queen Anne’s’ professional recital series.

Bringing a wealth of experience from major concert halls to the famous Groucho Club, Harry the Piano has been likened to a human jukebox with his note-perfect knowledge of literally tens of thousands of tunes including most of the classical repertoire, every jazz standard and musical and most of the pop charts since 1950 (except Gangnam style which is simply too hard!).

The evening began with the artist simply ‘playing whatever comes into my head’ and the audience enjoyed hints of West Side Story, Moonlight Sonata, Disney, Jive music, Mozart and more. The classically trained pianist then shared a cinematic tribute from his days working at the Groucho Club and the BBC with 25 melodies in 5 minutes. He jumped from tune to tune and shared jokes and anecdotes of his varied career and the stars he had met on the way and played a moving rendition of Somewhere Over the Rainbow followed by a Gershwin tribute.

Two brave Queen Anne’s Sixth Form students, Anastasia and Daria, got up on stage and wowed the audience with some improvised ‘Queen Anne’s Blues’. The girls had been part of a workshop with Harry that afternoon, learning some tricks and techniques to free up their improvisation on the piano.

The evening concluded with the audience posing some challenges for the artist from the Russian National Anthem in the style of Beyoncé, Hawaii 5.0  in the style of Philip Glass and a Mozart inspired rendition of the Game of Thrones theme tune! The Music department would like to thank Harry for a wonderful music filled evening and Anastasia and Daria for their enthusiastic performances.


About Harry the Piano

The next Live@ Queen Anne’s concert will be held on Monday 17 June with pianist Joseph Houston