Fours Tutor Time – Moral Dilemmas and Empathy

Monday 17th November 2014

Tuesday 11 November

Recently, the Fours and Sixth Form worked together in a session run by Miss Greenhalgh, Head of Life and Learning. We looked into the human ability to empathise, by looking at scenarios and answering questions about what we would do in those situations. Miss Greenhalgh, also a psychology teacher, showed us that all humans naturally empathise, and also explained to us what empathising really was. It was great to have a session where we got to know better some of the Sixth form.

Eleanor Paterson and Isobel Salmon, Fours

Today we understood the meaning of empathy and that humans can’t help but empathise. We were given various difficult scenarios and had to answer challenging questions. These questions were based on the scenarios and included questions ‘What is worse cheating or stealing?’ This question in particular had many different views. We finished by watching an episode of goggle box, where we were observing people’s empathy. This particular episode was about a programme called ‘Miracle Babies’ and even though these people had never met the babies, they still sat on the sofa, in tears, because their automatic response was to empathise.

Olivia Townend, Fours

Facilitating a discussion with the Fours turned out to be an interesting experience.  It was really enjoyable conversing with them, particularly because they each had different opinions and were willing to listen to each other’s point of view – as well as challenge them – so at times at times it felt more like a debate than a discussion! I was pleasantly surprised with how well they were able to communicate their thoughts and how they were all able to make critical comments and back them up with reasonable logic. These are qualities that are essential to have higher up the school, so it was promising to see this in the Fours. I think that this was a great experience for all involved!

Okoye Ifeoma, Upper Sixth