Four Sixth Form Students tour the Structural Genomics Consortium

Monday 23rd October 2017

On Wednesday 11 October, four Sixth Form girls travelled to Oxford University for a tour of the Structural Genomics Consortium.

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They were then fortunate enough to conduct their own genetic experiment in which they isolated lysozyme proteins and completed the crystallisation process. This required the use of cryogenics and x-ray techniques as well as incredibly complex procedures of extracting crystals under a microscope.

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The girls conducted experiments usually reserved for Masters Degree students and it was a fantastic insight into the world of bio-chemistry and pharmaceutical engineering. Romilly felt she gained “a real taste” for her future career and the day has left Valentina much more excited for the degree ahead of her. It was a privilege to see them so engaged in the fascinating work that goes on at the University laboratories and amazing that they were able to experience real-life, intricate science!