Our First Week of School in 2017

Monday 16th January 2017

Three U4 girls in Ffyler house gave us an account of their first week at school in 2017…

“Us U4’s are about to embark on the scary journey of our GCSE’s, the first real mention of the subject occurred a couple months before the special evening, but nothing had truly sunk in until Mr Richards got up on to that podium. He then started talking about making decisions about our own education, compared to having others make the decisions for us. After he finished, everyone started to realise just how important these exams really were, but luckily an army of teachers are ready to fight the battle with us.

The evening started off with Mr Richards explaining the next couple of years of our school careers and whilst girls were cowering in their seats, the parents were reliving the glory days of revision notes and malfunctioning ring binders. As Mr Richards carried on into his speech, the parents started to awaken from their day dreaming states and noted that there is a lot more to GCSE’s nowadays than before. The faint whisper of ‘’what on earth is an I-GCSE?’’, and ‘’what’s the difference between double and triple science?’’ echoed around the room. So, as Mr Richards wrapped up, he handed over to Mrs McGrenary, Head of Lower School, in which she explained how our choices now will be the building blocks for our future, no matter what we choose to do. As different families wondered around the sport hall filled with various tables, the parents started to get more familiarised with the whole idea of our future. Despite pieces of information flying at us, everyone managed to get through the night with all their questions answered. Even though the evening was an overwhelming experience, it was also a very helpful and interesting night, for lots of us that were wondering what GCSEs to pick. With all this said, if we have no idea what we want to do in life and what career we want to do, we should just try our best and do what we enjoy doing.

But the following day we had our world of work day, this gave us an opportunity to chat to some old Queen Anne’s girls about the work that they are now doing. It was interesting to see how they found university and how they made it to where they are now. It gave us all some inspiration of what we might like to do in the future and the decisions we can make to get us there.”

By Abby, Maddie and Sophie (U4)



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