First Group of ‘Golden Girls’ on the Way to the Palace

Wednesday 15th November 2017

Recent U6 Leavers Britta A, Lara H, Kate H, Eliza M and Jessica R are all on the way to the palace. All the girls have successfully completed their Gold DofE Award.


Needless to say, Mr Blunt is delighted to see our first set of girls from Queen Anne’s School gain the Gold Award:

‘The girls have done absolutely brilliantly to complete their Gold DofE Award so shortly after leaving Queen Anne’s. They really are a great bunch of team players who are extremely focused individuals and certainly know how to go about organising themselves to complete a task.’

Between the five girls they participated in a whole set of different activities that included peer mentoring, WOHAA, dance, music, tennis, lacrosse, driving lessons and cookery. Their Residential Sections, which is the 5th element of the Gold Award, included supporting refugees in Calais, cookery, language and Economics courses.

The girls have been notified of their successes and have been presented with the Gold Pins. Next up will be their invitation to either attend St James’s Palace or Buckingham Palace to be presented with their Gold DofE Award Certificate by most probably Prince Edward. Prince Edward has recently replaced the Duke of Edinburgh as the figurehead of the DofE Award now that his father has retired from formal duties.

‘The girls will experience the most fantastic formal occasion collecting their Gold Awards.  It’s a special day for everybody and I don’t mind admitting I had a tear in my eye when our eldest daughter Sophie collected her Gold Award a decade ago. It’s a very proud day for everyone.’

Mr Blunt
Head of the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award at Queen Anne’s