Fierce Competition for Queen Anne’s Equestrian Team

Monday 6th February 2017

“It was a very cold but bright sunny day on Saturday as we all made the trek down the M4 to West Wilts to join the crowds gathered for the Show Jumping and Eventer Challenge classes.

We all arrived in time as planned but had to brave a four hour wait before our riders really got underway. The wait in the cold was much relieved by lemon drizzle cake made by Team Leader Dawn Goudge who yet again proved she is The Best Mum for the Job when it comes to getting us all organised.

First went the show jumpers in the stunning outdoor area who came a respectable 12 out of 42 entries jumping the 90cm. The focus then shifted indoors as the team flew around a very complex course of 90-95cm show jumps and rustic fences with some challenging twists and turns. Meanwhile, the 100-105cm course was built and our team braved the course with dying sunlight but keen horses. To our delight the team came second and Carrie Hall qualified as an individual for Hickstead in May so we all felt very proud of our collective efforts.

There was fierce competition in all classes but our girls looked the business in their matching QAS branded hat silks and saddle cloths. Thank you to Queen Anne’s for continually supporting the team.”

Sophie Toms Lucy Goudge Rossettes Carrie Hall  Perdy Dabliz Miranda Hobby  Megan Weedon