Extended Project Awards

Thursday 31st January 2013

The Extended Project Awards evening is an opportunity to celebrate the hard work of the prize winners. All members of the Lower Sixth are required to complete an Extended Project over the summer break which is handed in at the beginning of the Michaelmas term on their return into the Upper Sixth.  They can then refer to their project in their UCAS personal statement, thus demonstrating independent learning to their chosen universities. The work they complete does not need to be an essay but could be a play, poetry, a video or even, for example, the making of a dress.
The diversity of the topics chosen by the girls this year was most impressive, ranging from a one woman play to the occurrence of fistula in child birth in undeveloped countries. The girls were confident and explained their research in a clear and erudite manner which impressed everyone in the audience. Altogether 14 girls were awarded prizes and their completed projects will be bound and displayed in the reception for all visitors to the school to enjoy.