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Tuesday 16th April 2013

On the 19 and 20 of March, I went to the Crystal Palace National Sports Centre for the Public Schools Fencing Competition representing Queen Anne’s in Foil and Epee. 122 schools were represented with competitions in Foil, Epee & Sabre for three age groups; Mount-Haes (years 8 & 9), Junior (years 10 & 11) & Senior (years 12 & 13).

There were 63 girls in my age group (Mount-Haes) for Foil on the 19th. To start off with we were put into groups of five or six called poules. Each person would fence against all the other people in their poule, the first to 5 points wins. This would determine the ranking for the second set of poules. The top 51 went into poule 2 and the bottom 12 people were eliminated. After the first poule I was ranked 18th out of 63 meaning I went into the second round of poules.

The second round of poules were like the first, but the top few would all be in different poules to stop them from being knocked out of the competition. After the second round of poules I ranked 15th out of 51.

The top 39 went through and the bottom 12 got eliminated. Next were the D.E’s (direct elimination) this is where if you lose a fight you’re out, the first to 15 points wins. As I was ranked 15th, I had a bye in the first DE.  My next two rounds of DE were against the 18th and the 2nd seeds, and I won both.

In the end I came 8th in Foil, meaning I got an award.

On the 20th, there were 67 girls entered for the Mount Haes Epee.  The competition was structured in the same way as the Foil, but the weapon, target area and point scoring are different. Fencers can find it quite difficult to switch between weapons and because I was fencing foil until late on the Tuesday evening, I struggled with the change of style.  I won twice in the first set of poules, but had a challenging group for the second poule.  I just missed promotion into the DE rounds by 2 places.

I would like to enter again next year to see if I can improve on my placing, but I am pleased with the results I achieved this year.

Abby Rogers

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Abby Rogers

Abby Rogers

Abby Rogers