Drama Trip: Shakespeare Festival workshop & performances at the Wilde Theatre

Wednesday 26th September 2018

On the morning of Wednesday 19 September, Mr Godfrey took his L5 drama class to the Shakespeare Festival workshop at the Wilde Theatre, at South Hill Arts Centre, Bracknell.

During the two hour workshop, the class explored scenes from their abridged version of Shakespeare’s The Tempest. They will be rehearsing this during their drama lessons over the next three weeks, before performing this piece as part of the Shakespeare Festival, with other schools and their different Shakespeare plays, at the South Hill Arts Centre on Wednesday 17 October, and at Queen Anne’s on Thursday 18 October.


Here are some of the girl’s comments about the workshop they attended this week:

Sophie B (L5): “I was very nervous before, I didn’t know what to expect. Workshops like this help build confidence in your performance and in life in general.”


Caitlin V (L5): “We learnt a lot which we can take away with us and hopefully put into our production of The Tempest!”


On Wednesday 17 Oct 2018, from 9.00am until 12.30pm, Mr Godfrey’s L5 drama class will take their rehearsed production of The Tempest back to the Wilde Theatre for a 45 minute tech rehearsal, and a 30 minute dress rehearsal. This rehearsal will be shared with Heathfield School, and the class will be back at the theatre for their warm up and final briefing, which starts at 6pm.


Then, the class will perform The Tempest from 7pm. This performance will be shared with other Shakespeare plays from Heathfield School, The Avenue School, and Ditton Park Academy. The evening will end at 10pm. All the girls are looking very much forward to this exciting event and rehearsals are currently intensifying during our lessons!


Take a look at the girls in rehearsals for Shakespeare’s The Tempest:





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