The Classics Department visit the British Museum

Friday 6th October 2017

On Tuesday 25 September, all the girls studying GCSE and A Level Classical Civilisation travelled to the British Museum to immerse themselves in the world of the ancient Greeks and Romans.

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Despite the driving rain, a long bus trip and a very busy museum, we all enjoyed an excellent opportunity to study classical material at source. The L5 have just begun their studies and were looking at primary source classical objects for the first time, including an introduction to the Parthenon sculptures and their importance in Greek myth and religion.

The U5 were gathering research material for their controlled assessment essays on Greek Vases, of which the museum has a world class collection, and the L6 were also able to directly study some of the objects on their specifications.

The U6 girls used the opportunity to study first hand the small collection of Mycenaean material in the museum and spend the day reviving their love of the subject outside the classroom. Miss Rossi, our new Latin teacher is from Greece and was visiting the museum for the first time, which proved to be an amazing and overwhelming experience.


Visits to the Museum shop and café topped off an excellent day. One girl said about the day:

“It was amazing to see the classical material for real and I can’t wait to explore some more.”

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