British Olympic ski racer to support Queen Anne’s ski race team

Friday 5th October 2018

Monday’s assembly brought joy to the School Hall as we were joined by Chemmy Alcott. The British former world cup alpine ski racer, and four time Olympian, grabbed the attention of the girls as she shared her story with Queen Anne’s students, including both the trophies and successes, and the tumbles and broken bones!

She spoke about how she learnt to overcome her fear of failure and embrace a growth mindset; a topic that resonated with the girls both in terms of their sporting and academic aspirations.

Chemmy announced that she will be helping Queen Anne’s School to establish and train our own ski race team, with the aim of competing at the Artemis British Interschool Ski Challenge in Pila in March next year! This caused much excitement amongst our girls, with many budding skiers eager to sign up and put their skills to the test.

The girls were left with a mantra Chemmy tries to follow, ‘I never lose; either I win or I learn’. Thank you, Chemmy. Your assembly was extremely inspiring to our budding skiers and your support for Queen Anne’s skiing endeavours has been great.

Below, we have a collection of photos from Chemmy’s visit to Queen Anne’s School, and some of her in action on the slopes.






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