Beginning of Term Sports News

Monday 13th January 2020

A round-up of all the latest sports news in the week commencing Monday 13 January 2020.



The winter sports season is now underway and Louisa H (L5) was one of the first off the mark, competing right at the start of the Christmas break in the Independent Schools Ski Championships in Les Deux Alpes. Louisa placed 14th and 16th in Slalom and Giant slalom respectively, out of a field with over 100 competitors.




Holly R (L4) helped Berkshire get off to a good start in their defence of their U14 National Badminton title, winning all four of her matches! Overall Berkshire beat Avon 20-0.



Congratulations to Emily B (L4), Holly B (L4) and Mary B (L4) who have all been selected into Berkshire Cricket’s Winter County Squads. Mary has also been placed on their Emerging Players Programme which is quite an achievement for an U12!



On Saturday morning there were 10 matches against Claremont at home:

3rds v Claremont U15A: Lost 11-3
Players’ Player: Serena C (U5)
Commended: Zara O (U5), Kate L (U5)

U14As: Won 13-6
Players’ Player: Lara R (U4), Katie L (U4)
Commended: Nell A (U4), Alice B (U4), Anna B (U4)

U14Bs: Won 11-4
Players’ Player: Bex L (U4), Lucy T (U4)
Commended: Millie J (U4), Katie W (U4), Michelle K (U4)

U13As: Won 14-3
Players’ Player: Sasha B (4)
Commended: Iris C (4), Phelix B (4), Lara M (4)

U13Bs: Won 11-3
Players’ Player: Alice R (4)
Commended: Louisa J (4), Bibi H (4)

U12As: Won 11-6
Players’ Player: Maddie S (L4)
Commended: Elizabeth T (L4), Olivia B (L4), Issy S (L4)

U12Bs: Won 6-4
Players’ Player: Elise R (L4)
Commended: Sophie S (L4), Alice G (L4), Holly B (L4)

U12Cs: Lost 5-12
Players’ Player: Daisy S (L4)
Commended: Phoebe R (L4), Ellie B (L4)




On Saturday afternoon the senior 1st and 2nd teams and the U15A team took part in the 5 Schools Tournament against Wycombe Abbey, Berkhamsted, Downe House and St Helen’s and St Katharine’s.


1st Team Tournament: 5th
Player of the Tournament: Amy I (U5)

2nd Team Tournament: 3rd
Player of the Tournament: Georgina L (U5)

U15A Team Tournament: 3rd
Player of the Tournament: Hettie W (L5)




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