A Shakespearean Workshop with Queen Anne’s Alumna

Tuesday 15th October 2019

On the 8 October the Queen Anne’s cast of Twelfth Night attended a workshop at the Old Town Hall, Wycombe Swan Theatre, along with a local primary school, as part of the Shakespeare Schools Festival.


They were very excited to meet Queen Anne’s alumnae Louise De Froment, who is now a Workshop Officer for the Shakespeare Schools Foundation who run the festival. It was especially inspiring for them to see how she had chosen to follow her passion, and pursue a successful career in drama.



The girls had a fantastic time working on the text in a playful and creative way!


The cast will perform Twelfth Night as part of the Shakespeare Schools Festival at The Old Town Hall, Wycombe Swan Theatre on 12 November from 7pm. Tickets are available to purchase here.





The girls had this to say about their day:


“I really enjoyed the warm up exercises and it was great to see our improvement throughout. It was very inspirational to see a Queen Anne’s girl doing so well!” Emily R (L5) – Antonio


“It was amazing to be able to work with a group of younger people as it was really nice to see how enthusiastic they were! It was super helpful to have extra tips on techniques that I can use in my piece. It was also really nice to see the stage that we will be performing on. The workshop was really fun and lively and I can’t wait to perform there!” Gigi J (L5) – Viola


“It was so interesting to learn new approaches to Shakespeare that we can use in the future.” Florence C (L5) – Sir Andrew Aguecheek


“It was fun working with the other school – seeing their play and getting their feedback on our work.” Niamh G (L5) – Maria


“It was so exciting to be in a professional theatre.” Francesca M (L5) – Malvolio


“It was so fun, the energy in the room was fabulous!” Grace L (L5) – Toby Belch


“It was helpful to hear another director’s perspective and tips on acting Shakespeare.” Esther B (L5) – Duke Orsino



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