A Level Art – The Stories Behind the Installations

Tuesday 23rd April 2019

Our A Level Art students have been exploring many interesting themes during their final year at Queen Anne’s.


Two of our U6 Art students, Sherry X and Kelsey L, have created personal and immersive art installation pieces as part of their A Level projects.


Sherry, who is from Shanghai, China, chose to explore the political history of her home country in her installation piece.

It is inspired by the Cultural Revolution, a social-political movement in China during the 1960s and 1970s.

“My installation presents a brainwashing factory to symbolise what was going on in society during the movement.” Sherry explained.


To create this moving installation, Sherry used materials such as copper pipes, foam, and wooden boards. She also researched work from artists both in China and the West, for inspiration and the representation of their opinions towards the movement.

“Whilst working on this project, I have learned important research skills, as well as practical skills of how to build 3D models.

I got a lot of support from my teachers. They were very helpful in terms of inspiring me with ideas, and providing me with materials and giving me technical help.” – Sherry X (U6)


Kelsey chose to take a different personal approach to her installation piece, inspired by internal emotions, struggles and anxieties.


Her bedroom installation was based on a personal experience with a dreamish nightmare. The dream was about teething falling out, struggles with self-perception and feeling powerless to the negative and obsessive thoughts that can run around one’s head.

Inspired by Tracy Emin’s ‘My Bed’ (1998), Kelsey wanted to use the imagery of a personal space, such as a bedroom, to show the viewer that, even in the places you should feel the safest, there can still be danger within one’s own thoughts and emotions.


“My overall goal was to create a setting that would be suitable to portray the dream I had and to replicate the emotions I experienced alongside it.

With my installation, I wanted the observers to be fully immersed into my artwork, to picture themselves being trapped in my installation for hours on end – I wanted to make the public feel slightly uncomfortable when they see my artwork.” Kelsey explained.


Kelsey’s installation consists of a white room, with glossy varnish painted on the walls, acrylic laser cut outs, staples, wire and wood, a mattress and pillow, and grey silicon pouring out of the mattress.

“I learned a lot through this installation as it taught me a large amount of practical skills, which I can now apply to my exam piece. By having the support of the art department, I was able to complete the set layout of a dream which I did not think was entirely possible, and for that I am thankful.” – Kelsey L (U6)