A Level Art Private View

Thursday 27th June 2019

The evening of Thursday 20 June saw the annual Queen Anne’s A Level Art Private View take place.

This special event showcased and celebrated the artwork of our talented U6 A Level art students.


On display was the culmination of two years’ hard work from our students. They have followed an intense programme, designed to hone their skills and promote creativity, as well as introduce them to new techniques, including surface textiles, printmaking and paper art.


In the L6, students worked in three different areas: paper, printmaking and surface textiles. They each produced final pieces in these areas as well as complete sketch book. In the U6, students worked independently on their own projects. They also wrote a Personal Study to go alongside their work. Students were encouraged to make work that had a personal significance to them as well as take risks with their ideas and techniques.


Their final A Level exam pieces are centered around this year’s examination theme of ‘Variation and/or Similarity’.


The Art Department was filled with Queen Anne’s students, parents, staff and alumnae, who took their time to view the spectacular array of artwork on display.


From full-scale installations and art films, to intricately crafted textile art and detailed sculpture, our students’ hard work over various different artistic mediums was clear to see, and left all feeling inspired, and thoroughly impressed!