A Valiant Effort at The 2016 Kids’ Lit Quiz

Thursday 1st December 2016

On Friday 25 November, some of our Queen Anne’s L4s and 4s attended the Annual Kids’ Lit Quiz regional heat. The girls were joined by Mr Jackson and Mrs Norris as they travelled to Cokethorpe School. As you will see below from the reports of two of our girls who were involved, Queen Anne’s put in a valiant effort and were unlucky not to come away with a prize.

On Friday 25th of November myself and 12 other pupils travelled to Cokethorpe School to take part in the Annual Kids’ Lit Quiz regional heat. We were all very excited and travelled by minibus to get there. The bus was filled with excitement as we looked forward to getting there. We had fun shouting out the answers to the games we played. Mr Jackson and Mrs Norris were giving us practice questions to get us all warmed up for the competition. The bus journey was quite long and tiring, but by the time we got there we were still bursting with energy. On arrival we were shown to the sports hall where all the teams had their own table. Queen Anne’s had two teams as well as a few more people on the side to cheer us on.

Just before the start, we were all asked to pick a joker round of which we would score double points on. The round names were all very obscure and gave little to no clue of what the round might consist of. There were 10 rounds all together and a well-deserved break between each. The Grand Quizmaster started off the afternoon by introducing himself and explaining the layout of the afternoon to follow. The winning team of every round was to receive a book each. The team with highest points at the end would obviously be the winner. In between each round the Quizmaster would give questions to the audience for them to answer and then win prizes, this was a short five-minute cool down for all of us contestants. Round after round had us jumping up and down in our seats desperate to get the correct answer and note it down on our sheets. During the interval of one of the rounds, Mr. Jackson was the first lucky person from Queen Anne’s to win a five-pound voucher upon answering one of the difficult audience questions. At the end of the competition we were exhausted after our continuous battle to win. Unfortunately, when the winners were announced our team were not the winners. Despite our loss, we left Cokethorpe School with a happy smile on our faces due to the amazing experience of the Kids’ Lit Quiz. We travelled home on a very rowdy but happy bus.

Anjali (4)

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On Friday 25 November, some of the Lower Fours and Fours travelled to Cokethorpe School in Witney for the Kids’ Lit Quiz. We were split into two teams of four and there were some subs just in case. There were ten rounds and ten questions to answer in each round. If you won a round, each person in your team won a book. You could also pick a joker round, which is where you got double points in that round.

We started off the afternoon with some introductions to the people who made the lit quiz, some authors of books and the Quizmaster. He asked us lots of questions and some were quite challenging. Our team nearly won a round, but one of the opposing team answered the question correctly in the tie break round before we did. There were also “world final questions”: the Quizmaster would ask a question to all of the teams and if you knew the answer to a question you had to put up your hand. If you were picked to answer the question, you would try and answer it correctly and if it was the right answer you would win two pounds for yourself. If you were a sub or anyone in the audience you could win a book voucher from the audience questions that the teams in the heat could not answer. After all the rounds were finished, you could win series of books for your school library and signed books for yourself, but unfortunately we didn’t win anything.

If you are asked to be in a team I would highly recommend it. I had lots of fun and I hope I can get the chance to do something like this again in the future.

Scarlett (4)