1st, 2nd And 3rd Place For Irish Dancer Aimee

Monday 1st June 2015

Congratulations to L4 pupil, Aimee Naylor, who recently competed at the Murchu-Duiginn Irish Feis 2015 winning 1st, 2nd & 3rd places for her primary dances. The Murchu-Duiginn Irish Feis 2015 took place in Hemel Hempstead on Saturday 9 May until Sunday 10 May.

Aimee’s interest in Irish dancing started when she was 9 years old, which led to her participating in her first Irish dancing lesson at the age of 11. She was entered for her first Feis within 6 months of her first lesson and obtaining 1st, 2nd and 3rd positions for all of her 4 dances is a fantastic achievement.

Her recent Murchu-Duiginn Feis 2015 success moves Aimee up to the Intermediate Level for 3 of her dances.  A competitor can only be  move up to an Intermediate Level if they obtain first or second position in each of their primary dances with no less than 7 candidates. Aimee was up against no less than 14 candidates in total!

We wish Aimee every future success with her dancing and, in particular, we hope she achieves her dream of dancing alongside Michael Flatley!

Aimee Irish Dancing Success