Cyber Security Challenge

Monday 5th February 2018


On Wednesday 31 January we saw girls from L4, 4 and U4 get involved in a Cyber Security Challenge where they learned a range of coding skills with Isobel S from the U5.

Cyber Security Challenge UK is a series of national competitions, learning programmes, and networking initiatives designed to identify, inspire and enable more people to become cyber security professionals. The UK has a world-class cyber security sector, where the current demand for young talent is set to grow. Cyber Security Challenge UK’s Schools programme aims to raise awareness of the exciting careers in cyber security within primary and secondary schools, using innovative and stimulating tools and scenarios to develop practical and usable skills in high demand from industry.

“ My sister, Grace, and I went to a Cyber First Adventure’s Day last weekend which was really fun. This week, we did something similar at QA and listened to Isobel S (U5) talk about the uses of a website. She told us all about coding and de-coding, encrypting and de-crypting and we learned all about a cipher wheel. I have learned a lot more about the internet and how to stay safe online.”
Katie W (L4)