Queen Anne's Remembrance Concert At St Peter's Eaton Square

Wednesday 18th November 2015

On Wednesday 11 November 2015, Queen Anne’s music department presented a concert at St Peter’s Eaton Square in London. The theme for the evening was Remembrance, especially for those who gave their lives for our freedom. However, the evening was also about remembering those people who have touched our lives and whom we no longer see.

There were some excellent performances with all the pupils demonstrating musicianship of the highest standard; all performers demonstrated accuracy, self-control and poise. One must pay tribute to the following:

Charlotte Stanton, Gabrielle Woodward and Laura Burnett’s performing Mendelssohn’s ‘Lift Thine Eyes’ – their diction, intonation and balance was superb. Camille Morana performed the first movement of Mozart’s G Major Violin Concerto without the support and aid of a conductor. Camille demonstrated great musical maturity and interacted brilliantly with the orchestra; the solo lines were executed with eloquence and poise and Camille’s convincing performance demonstrated a fine understanding of the stylistic features of the classical period. Eleanor Lyon performed Purcell’s ‘Dido’s Lament’ (Dido and Aeneas) from the organ loft, which added to the power of her interpretation; the St Peter’s acoustic complemented Eleanor’s voice with great effect.

The Argentinian compositional characteristics of Piazzolla’s writing was captured by Alycia Lewis in her fine performance of Oblivion. Emily Heath and Eleanor Lyon performed Purcell’s ‘Sound the Trumpet’. The contrapuntal interaction between the two voices was exceptional: the two voices were perfectly balanced resulting in a fine performance of this magnificent work. Mr Gidden’s excelled in his performance of Arvo Pärt’s Trivium No. 1 and the Chamber Choir gave a stunning performance of Peter Aston’s ‘So They Gave Their Bodies’ – a highly successful work which makes implicit reference to fragments from the Last Post.

Gabrielle Woodward’s ‘Christ is Made the Sure Foundation’ was also performed by the Chamber Choir. The setting and acoustic of St Peter’s gave great support to this work. A very distinctive compositional language is emerging in the hands of Gabrielle as she advances with her musical studies.

The concert closed with a performance of Arvo Pärt’s Spielel in Spiegel by Camille Morana accompanied by Mr Redfern. A very sensitive performance of this magical work, bringing the concert to a successful close.

The musical items were supported by excellent readers which acknowledged the importance of Remembrance: Francesca Colemann, Ella Harris, Daphne Psarra, Eloise Toms, Fabienne Roux, Georgina Evans and Alice Ives.

A big thank you to pupils and music staff – a remarkable concert.

Click here to view photographs from the Remembrance Concert