Inter-House Music Competition 2016 Review

Friday 5th February 2016

Following the highly-anticipated and hugely-engaging Inter-House Music Competition on Thursday 28 January, U6 student, Laura Burnett, provides her review on all of the house performances during the event:

“What a terrific year for House music! All the houses performed superbly and our guest judge Dominic Peckham was the life and soul of the party. Having first met him in our assembly on the Thursday morning, he definitely made a lasting impression on all the girls. A truly inspiring and incredibly energetic man.

The running order for the event went as follows:

  • Wisdom House
  • Maddock House
  • Webbe House
  • Wilkins House
  • Ffyler House

Wisdome’s choice of ensemble was a mash up of ‘Teenage Dirtbag’ with various others.  Commenting on their gorgeous use of instruments and brave layering and part writing, which worked to produce a wonderful balancing and listening throughout it. However, they all clapped on beats 1 and 3, a soon to be recurring thing in all performances of the night.  Their choice of Main Song was ‘Super Trooper’, which started out amazing and really grabbed the audience. The diction was a little less good than the previous song but very energetic. Dominic really enjoyed the “troop – pah – pah” team. Overall a very enjoyable performance.

Next on the agenda, we had Maddock with their ensemble song being ‘Dog days are over’ and their Main song as ‘Mamma Mia’, an ABBA classic. For the ensemble, Dominic said that there was a gorgeous core sound from the vocalists and a very lovely soloist. A Lovely little team, who had a tentative beginning and some pulse issues, but were a very innovative and attractive set up.  For the Main song Maddock stood very efficiently. They meant business. Again, just like the ensemble, they had a great and stunning core vocal sound and incredible diction. Clearly lots of hard work and preparation went into this song. I think the words being on the toilet doors had some factor in this excellent energy and brilliant choreography, with a special mention to the excellent leaders for getting them all together. Dominic had so much fun watching all of the girls saying it looked liked a blast.

Webbe were up next with their brilliant songs of ‘Price Tag’ mash up and ‘Gimme Gimme Gimme A Man!’ For the ensemble Webbe were filled with brightness. Lovely strong harmonies and very good tuning. Clearly well rehearsed. Very impressive sense of musicality from well-played instrumental all stars! Special mention to the piano, bassoon and drums performers for their incredible playing. Amazing performance by the whole group. Main song was astounding! What a position to start keeping us all entertained throughout the performance. Awesome and fabulous younger team of singers. An amazing development and build up of visual and performance features.  The choreography deserved the A* that Dominic gave them and their sense of enjoyment was clearly palpable.

Wilkins choice of songs for their ensemble and Main song were ‘Daniel in the Den’ and ‘Does Your Mother Know’, another ABBA classic. The ensemble group had a tentative start but it was a strong and stunning especially the soloists, with Dominic saying that the High Soprano should audition for the National Youth Choir, commenting that they were missing a gem. A well thought out and emotional portrayal of the song. The skills they used with the 6/8 pulse in the chorus was tight and very well rehearsed instrumentally. Gorgeous Harp playing. The Main Song was thoroughly enjoyable and had a terrific energetic start. Dominic was very thankful that none of the girls whacked the side of their heads as they were running down the aisle.  It was a great full ensemble and well-rehearsed. The choreography was original and excellent but they did all clap on 1 and 3.  Again the sense of enjoyment was very much felt throughout the house.

Finally Ffyler. Dominic loved the purple sultry outfits. The ensemble had excellent energy and had confident and independent singers. The house song ‘Honey Honey’ was a very individual performance with dramatic features including creative choreography and enthusiastically led from the balcony by their House Mistress!

A fabulous afternoon was had by all with the amazing music making and exceptional teamwork.”

Written by Laura Burnett U6