Year 10 Further Mathematics Team Competition

Tuesday 1st April 2014

On Friday 28 February, a group of four L5 students took part in the Further Mathematics Team Challenge Competition 2014 at Sandhurst School. Overall Queen Anne’s finished 7th out of 19 schools so congratulations to all the girls involved.

Following the competition, our pupils gave their impressions of the challenge:

“The rounds were very challenging, such as the Base 6 and the problems, however, it was fun working together to solve them. The Base 6 problems were slightly confusing when they started talking about aliens on Planet Hex. We came 7th overall, an achievement we are all proud of. It was a fun day and it was even more fun to come back to double maths.” Emma Warren, L5

“At the Maths Challenge, there were several rounds, involving conversions, problems, Base 6 and sequences. Although it was challenging, especially the Sudoku and Base 6 rounds, it was fun to go to another school and do maths with friends!” Charlotte Leaver, L5

“I liked taking part in the competition because it was challenging and I also enjoy working with others to solve some difficult maths questions. From this competition, I learnt that you should have confidence in yourself and your team.” Long Ching Lo, L5

“It was a great opportunity for me to be one of the members in the Further Mathematics Team Challenge competition. We trained for about three months. I have learnt lots of new things during these extra lessons. Whilst having good maths skills was important, being able to work in a team was just as significant as it required lots of discussion and trust.  We tried our best during the competition and we came in 7th place out of 19 schools! Well done to our team, and a big thanks to the teachers that helped us trained for it. ” Pei- Jung Chen, L5

Year 10 Further Mathematics Challenge

L5 students with their certificates