Victory For Maddock In The MFL Competition

Thursday 22nd October 2015

Pupils in Maddock House have successfully won 1st place in the Modern Foreign Languages Inter-House Competition. The competition, which ran from Monday 21 September until Friday 25 September, involved all five of our junior houses with Maddock gaining 4,4185 points overall and Wisdome House scoring 2,7157 points to take  second place.

The competition involved pupils learning blocks of words in different languages throughout the week and then completing mini tests to assess their progress and to earn points for their houses. Girls took part in the competition via the Vocab Express App or online with Wilkins House even dedicating an evening entirely to participating in the challenge.

At the end of the week, Mr Antoine Rogeon, Head of MFL, was then tasked with adding up the points in order to determine the overall winner and Maddock were presented with a trophy for the house during morning assembly.

Maddock pupils, Alana Cato and Ciara McCarthy, summed up their experiences of taking part in the competition,

“We recently took part in the Inter-House Vocab Express Competition 2015. It was a fun experience where we got to test our language skills and we were given a reward of House points for our hard work. Mrs White, Maddock Housemistress, was very supportive and encouraging, but overall the real reward was seeing everyone coming together each evening, with their hot chocolates in the Prep room, working as a team to be the eventual winners!” 

The overall points for each house for the MFL Competition are as follows:

  • 1st Place – Maddock House – 4,4185
  • 2nd Place – Wisdome House – 2,7157
  • 3rd Place – Wilkins House – 2,6610
  • 4th Place – Webbe House – 1,8955
  • 5th Place – Ffyler House – 1,4668
MFL winners

Maddock House pupils with the winning trophy