Upper Sixth Students Shine At The Extended Project Awards Evening

Wednesday 29th January 2014

Nine of Queen Anne’s Upper Sixth students showcased their award-winning Extended Projects in front of families and friends at the Extended Project Awards Evening, held last night (28 January). In addition to the prize winners giving a short presentation about their work, those present enjoyed a selection of musical performances from members of The Saxaholics”.

Students who gave presentations included:

  • Toulwalope Alabi – The evolution of poetry
  • Alexandra Darko – Perceived legitimacy of an authority figure, and its effect on obedience
  • Kai Wai Chan – How to spot a liar
  • Jemma Packman – Cultural differences in attitudes towards women
  • Elizabeth Kopec – Advances in veterinary medicine and equine care
  • Amelia Lenton – To what extent does neuroscience play a part in our relationships?
  • Anna Price – The extent to which letter writing in society influences the use of letters in literature
  • Marguerite von und zu Liechtenstein – What drives a psychopath?
  • Georgia Sweeting – To what extent is Virgil’s Dido a tragic heroine?

Click here to view the programme from the evening

All of the students in last year’s Lower Sixth were required to undertake an Extended Project over the summer holiday. Some of these were in the form of essays but others wrote plays, poems or made videos.