U6 Musicians Raise Over £1,000 For Children In Need

Friday 13th November 2015

During the morning of Friday 13 November, to acknowledge the importance of Children in Need, Queen Anne’s Upper Sixth A Level musicians embarked upon a marathon lesson on Bach chorale writing. The lesson started at 07.00hrs (sharp) and work was completed at 11.35hrs. This equates to 6 ½ lessons – there are 9 lessons within the working day!

Participating pupils, Gabby Woodward, Laura Burnett, Emily Heath and Ellie Lyon, demonstrated exceptional musicianship, resilience, tenacity and academic competition at the highest level.

In this wonderful academic discipline of writing chorales in the style of Bach – Gabby raced through an 18 bar example in the key of F# minor and consequently moved onto another exercise and revelled in 7-6 suspensions and directional bass lines; there was no stopping Emily with her control of the strong voice leading gesture: Ia – VIIb – Ib; Laura completed a chorale in the challenging key of F minor with modulations to Ab and Db major and Ellie had a ‘sub zero’ moment for our Bach Chorale Cool Wall in the music department, by converting II7b in a minor key into a diminished 7th chord demonstrating a fine understanding of harmonic dissonance.

The morning was academic, but also great fun. As of today (Monday) £1064.00 has now been raised for Children in Need and one member of the group suggested this music timetable for the rest of the academic year!