U5-U6 Scholars Trip to Oxford University's Bodleian Library

Thursday 24th October 2013

On Wednesday 16 October, the U5-U6 Scholars visited Oxford University’s Bodleian Library. Anna Price, U6, shares with us her account of the trip:

On Wednesday 16 October, at about lunchtime, the U5-U6 Scholars set off for Oxford University’s Bodleian Library.
We battled against the elements, whilst walking to Reading Station, and caught the train to Oxford. We then had half an hour to grab some quick lunch and find our way to the library.
After wandering down a bicycle filled, cobbled lane, we discovered an opening which was home to the dome-shaped, architecturally beautiful infrastructure. Behind it, was a rectangular building with a courtyard in the middle – it was from here that our tour started. As we were guided through the original School of Divinity, where the infirmary in ‘Harry Potter’ was filmed, we were informed of the architectural subtleties of the building and the influences of many architects.
Walking through the great oak doors, we arrived at the chapel and we were informed that it was here that Charles I held his parliament during the civil war. What we all found most amazing was that we were sitting on furniture that was authentic of the time. The original library, by far, was the most intriguing place; the overwhelming sense of profound history and renowned literature was incredible, not to mention the intricate woodwork of the ceiling and the archaic chains, which bound the books to the shelves.
After travelling along a medieval underground passage, we arrived at the current Bodleian Library, which was full of diligent students and incredible silence. After visiting the shop, our tour ended and we wearily travelled back to Reading.
Overall, it was a fantastic trip: insightful, thought provoking and cultural. We all thank Mrs Norris greatly for this opportunity.

Oxford University Bodleian Trip