U4 Classics Trip to Fishbourne Palace

Monday 7th March 2016

On Friday 4 March, the whole of the U4 year group visited Fishbourne Roman Palace as part of their Latin and Classical Civilisation studies.

Fishbourne, which is two miles from Chichester, is the largest private house found in Roman Britain and dates from the first century AD.  It is best known for its magnificent mosaic floors but also has a fine museum and archaeological research laboratory.  Work on the site only began in the 1960s but it has provided a wealth of important information about life in Roman Britain.

The girls were treated to a short introductory film and a workshop on Roman domestic life.  This gave them the exciting opportunity to handle 2,000 year old objects such as pottery, glass and bones.  The girls were split into small groups and had to try and establish what the artefacts they had been given might have been part of and what they might then tell us about the life of the people who made them and used them.  There was also a reconstruction of a Roman kitchen to view and the opportunity for one of the girls in each workshop to dress up in typical Roman costume!  It was pointed out that if the girls had indeed been living in the Roman period they would quite probably already be married!

After lunch the girls were given the opportunity to visit the magnificent reconstructed Roman gardens and lounge on the outdoor triclinium – or dining room.  The day ended with an equally magnificent hail storm on the way to the bus, ending the day in a suitably dramatic manner.

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